The Driftless Rivers National Park Foundationseeks creation of a new national park in the ruggedly beautiful blufflands of the Upper Mississippi River – the heart of America.

How to Help

In an era when people, especially children, are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature, America needs the Driftless Rivers National Park now more than ever—an accessible, beautiful landscape filled with adventure and opportunities for nature exploration. Driftless Rivers National Park is not only a bold vision. It is a practical solution for protecting a unique and scenic landscape cradling the world’s oldest river, Pleistocene relict species, North America’s major Mississippi flyway, and ancient effigy mounds and petroglyphs from a lost culture.

One of the highest places of honor for Americans has been reserved for the passionate citizens who have taken the bold steps of helping create our national parks. Like President Theodore Roosevelt, you have an opportunity to create something important and lasting that will benefit countless generations of people. Please join us in creating the next great national park for America. The Driftless Rivers National Park Foundation needs you!

You can provide support to the Driftless Rivers National Park Foundation in a variety of ways. We need the following to transform the dream into reality:

  • Provide financial support. Please contribute today. 
  • Purchase of copy of the book The Becoming of the Driftless Rivers National Park.
  • Sign our online petition to Congress to show your support for the Driftless Rivers National Park.
  • Like us at Facebook/DriftlessRivers and follow us at Twitter/DriftlessRivers, and share information about the park proposal with your friends and contacts.
  • Volunteer your time. Contact us at to discuss ways that we can work together in your community.
  • Donate land to the Driftless Rivers National Park Foundation, either to support the Foundation financially or to provide the nucleus for the creation of the national park.
  • Make a planned gift by naming “Driftless Rivers National Park Foundation” in your will.

Thank you for your support!

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First Edition, Buy the Book Today

Second Edition, Buy the Book Today

Booklets for Sale

If you are not comfortable ordering the book (The Becoming of The Driftless Rivers National Park) online, you could order the book by mail -- $26 for the first edition or $36 for the second edition and mail the check to PO Box 279 La Crosse, WI 54602 made out to the DRNP Foundation.