The Driftless Rivers National Park Foundation seeks creation of a new national park in the ruggedly beautiful blufflands of the Upper Mississippi River – the heart of America.




There is a place in North America, in some ways, a land lost to time. It’s a mystical, enchanted land, mysteriously shielded from the glaciers of the last Ice Age. The landscape is filled with stunning scenery, bizarre microclimates at the extremes, and deep caves. The world’s oldest river meanders its way through the center, having carved beautiful cliffs lush with rare wildflowers and topped with Pleistocene pine relicts.  Ancient civilizations and dramatic historical events have left their mark on a landscape bursting with outdoor adventure, waiting for you to explore!

The Driftless Rivers National Park Foundation seeks creation of a new national park in the ruggedly beautiful blufflands of the Upper Mississippi and Kickapoo River valleys – the heart of America. Help us transform the dream into reality. Support the Driftless Rivers National Park Foundation.

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Our accomplishments!

1999 Park project conceived.

2006 First edition of The Becoming of The Driftless Rivers National Park published. A six year, seven month, eleven day odyssey.

2007 Front page story in the Wisconsin State Journal: An Unusual Book By An Unusual Author.

2007 Front page story in Crawford County Independent Scout: Should Crawford County Become a National Park?

2009 Park presentation at Border’s Bookstore in Madison, WI.

2011 Park presentation at Hillsboro Library in Hillsboro Wisconsin. A lively discussion followed.

2014 Published first edition of park booklet: American’s Next Great National Park.

2016 Mailed over three thousand booklets of America’s Next Great National Park to park area residents.

2017 Placed a full-page ad about the project in National Park’s Magazine. Generated hundreds of responses.

2017 Published 2nd edition of The Becoming of The Driftless Rivers National Park.

2017 Published 2nd edition of photogenic part booklet: America’s Next Great National Park.

2017 New edition of our flagship proposal: The Becoming of the Driftless Rivers National Park

2017 New website update

2017 Full page advertisement in the Fall issue of National Parks Magazine

2017 Publication of the 2nd edition of our photogenic booklet America’s Next Great National Park

2018 Mailed to all U.S. Congressman and Senators copies of America’s Next Great National Park.

2018 Mailed over fifty 1st editions of The Becoming of The Driftless Rivers National Park to most national parks and some national monuments.

2018-2019 Several park related letters-to-the-editor published in Crawford County Independent Scout. Generated virtually no negative responses.

Over the course of the project we have sold hundreds and hundreds of the main park proposal. The Becoming of The Driftrless Rivers National Park.

First Edition, Buy the Book Today

Second Edition, Buy the Book Today

Booklets for Sale

If you are not comfortable ordering the book (The Becoming of The Driftless Rivers National Park) online, you could order the book by mail -- $26 for the first edition or $36 for the second edition and mail the check to PO Box 279 La Crosse, WI 54602 made out to the DRNP Foundation.